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Stories That Shaped The Journey

All the adventures along the way seem to shape who we are and fill our bag full of life experience. It’s nice that articles and videos capture some of that magic so you can relive it here.

I Wish by Stevie Wonder

I Wish by Stevie Wonder

Laying down the layers on the fly to build it up to what is equivalent […]

Tone test!

A tone test in the store of my beautiful new Gibson 335! With the Fender Deluxe Tone Master. They are born for each other!

New addition to the family!

I’m very excited to be soon welcoming this glorious new member to the family!!


It’s a beautiful rare Gibson 335 guitar has been reserved for me and I’m […]

The Space We Are

The title of The Space We Are comes from the idea that when we look at matter at a microscopic level we see that we are actually made […]

My Out Of Body Experience!

Just before I turned 21 my wonderful dad passed on. My sister and I went over to Canberra to wish him a safe journey and sort out his affairs. It […]

Bedroom Combustion

It was back in my first year of high school in my home town of Perth, Western Australia where I was sitting in excited anticipation in the school drumming class […]

“The greatest contribution you can make to the world is putting your whole heart and soul into doing what you truly love. For me that is music and Tai Chi Quan.”